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What is ErblühTee

Erblühtee or tea flowers are a special type of tea that consists of dried tea leaves and flowers. The tea leaves are made into a Ball shaped and with one or several flowers filled. When you put the ball in hot water, it slowly opens to reveal the blossom inside. Blossom tea is not only a drink, but also a visual experience.

What are the varieties of flowering tea?

There are different varieties of ErblühTee, for example white tea with jasmine, green tea with rose or black tea with marigold. Each variety has its own taste.

What is the difference between ErblühTee and ErblühTeelini?

Erblühühtetee and Erblühteelini are two different products, both made from tea flowers. Erblühteelini is a smaller version of Erblühteelini tea, which is brewed in a cup. Erblühteelini comes in different varieties such as black, green or white tea.
ErblühTee is suitable for teapots.

What types of double-walled glasses does Creano offer?

Creano offers various types of double-walled glasses that differ in shape, size and design. The bulbous glasses have a round shape. The tall glasses have a cylindrical shape. The super tall glasses have a slender shape. All are available in 250ml and also 400ml available.

What are the properties of double-walled thermal glasses?

The Creano double-walled glasses are more than just glasses, they are an experience for the senses. With their Innovative double wall they offer numerous advantages over conventional glasses. The inner layer of borosilicate glass is not only heat-resistant and unbreakablebut also tasteless and hygienic. The double-walled design ensures that the beverages retain their Keep temperature and that the glasses do not mist up or burn. The Creano double-walled glasses are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy their tea, coffee, cocoa or other hot and cold drinks to the full.

What should I look out for when buying tea online?

If you want to buy tea online, you should pay attention to some important points. For example, it is good if the manufacturing company is indicated. It is also advantageous if the company is a member of the German Tea & Herbal Tea Association is, because that means that they high quality standards complies and is committed to the Promotion of the tea culture such as Creano, for example. After all, it's also good when the company offers its Seat in Germany has, as they then all legal regulations must comply with the Consumer protection and the Food safety guarantee. Creano meets this requirement here too. With these tips, you can buy tea online and enjoy it.