Creano porcelain coffee filter - filter size 4 for filter bags size 1×4 - stone grey

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GTIN: 4260123158187
  • OFFER: 1x porcelain coffee filter with 1-hole quick flow, suitable for commercially available filter bags in size 4 and 2, delivered in a high-quality gift box
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: The extra-large hole and the internal grooves promote a homogeneous coffee flow and ensure the perfect result in the cup. The coffee flavour can be influenced by varying the amount of ground coffee.
  • POSSIBILITIES OF USE: The porcelain filter can be used on a cup, mug or glass, as well as on a coffee pot. Suitable for making coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, latte, Schümli, Viennese Melange and much more.
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About Creano

We, a young owner-managed family business, see ourselves less as a classic problem solver of everyday items, rather it is our passion to create products that manage to surprise you and bring a smile to you or the recipient. Because it was not expected that a tea infusion could be as exciting as that of our ErblühTee. The recipient could not have guessed that the tea tastes fantastic and looks so enchanting in the small pot, because he or she had never seen ErblühTee before.

Learn that a thermo-teamaker is so much more than an ordinary "tea maker".

We get all this positive feedback and anecdotes every day. Thank you, because that's what drives us to keep creating products for you that give you such great pleasure.

Creano porcelain coffee filter

More and more catering establishments and private households are returning to classic hand-filtered coffee. On the one hand, the ecological awareness that has developed is helping to avoid unnecessary plastic waste from coffee capsules as much as possible, and on the other hand, it is the flavour component that makes hand-filtered coffee so special.

An all-round sensible comeback, in our opinion!

The filter can be used flexibly. You can use it directly on your coffee mug for portion filtering or over a thermos flask for filtering several cup portions.

For quick coffee preparation

  • For quick, manual coffee preparation with 1-hole fast brewing Brewing directly in the cup or jug possible
  • Suitable for commercially available size 4 filter bags
  • Internal grooves promote homogeneous coffee flow
  • made of high-quality porcelain, with abrasion-resistant glaze
  • Dishwasher-safe, easy & residue-free to clean

Preparation instructions

  1. Place filter on cup or jug
  2. Insert filter bag (size 4)
  3. Fill the filter bag with ground coffee
  4. Pour hot water evenly over the coffee (clockwise)

Coffee grind

The grind of the coffee determines its throughput speed and flavour. The finer the grind of the coffee, the slower the throughput speed. The slower the throughput speed, the stronger and stronger the flavour of the coffee and vice versa. You can individually adjust the flavour and strength based on the grind and the amount of coffee.


Scope of delivery:

  • 1x porcelain coffee filter size 4, stone grey

Creano porcelain coffee filter - filter size 4 for filter bags size 1x4 - stone grey

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